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Success in business means constant growth and increasing organisational efficiency Complete Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services from Expert Coach

The generation of profits is the main goal that almost every organisation aims for. If you too have the same goal in mind for your business, ensuring business effectiveness and efficiency is a necessity. Though there are several ways in which you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation, the best way to go about it is to hire a business improvement consult and Coach for the job.

We are the top consultants and coaches in Australia for businesses and organisations. At CBIS, we are proud of having established ourselves in the commercial arena of Australia by dint of our successful stint in business improvement consulting and coaching. Our consultants and coaches are experts at helping organisations improve their business effectiveness and efficiency and achieve higher levels of success.

As a business owner, you must be aware that solving the problems that you face on almost every typical day of work is essential, but most of these problems are so critical that it takes an outsider’s view to solve them. That is where we come in. Our expert consultants and coaches provide you with that outsider’s outlook you need to solve some of the most critical issues that your organisation is struggling with. Our business improvement consulting and coaching services offer training, coaching and mentoring for your employees and helps them to utilise some of the most cutting-edge strategies for problem-solving used in the real world of business today. Trust us to make your business more efficient and productive.

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We Provide Expert Consultants and Coaches

In order to harness the potential benefits from the business improvement programs, it is essential to use professional support to maximise the outcomes. That is where we come in. At CBIS, we offer a higher level of support for Lean Six Sigma implementation through the comprehensive training of your management and supervisory staff. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable consulting and coaching team are experienced and accomplished in both Lean Six Sigma training and implementation. This allows us to confidently guarantee that we will build the best solutions for your organisation and solve your business challenges. Having worked in business improvement consulting and consulting for over 20 years, we understand what works and why it works. We have established ourselves as a premium business improvement consulting and training firm with our hard work and cutting-edge industry knowledge. We are committed to make your business a force to reckon with in your field of work. Our experience across the manufacturing, servicing, mining, energy, construction, transportation, logistics and healthcare sectors is your guarantee of success.

Can Lean & Six Sigma be applied in the industry?

Real cases of the application of Lean & Six Sigma in various industries

Our Consulting and Coaching Scope of Service
Gap Assessment

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will conduct an initial gap assessment on your process improvement system against the requirements of the ISO 18404 standard. We use our exclusive gap assessment tool and cover all aspects of your existing framework, such as adequacy of the organisation’s strategy, adequacy of the organisation’s architecture, adequacy of the skills and competencies, etc.

System Development

Using our expertise in ISO documentation as well as our Lean and Six Sigma knowledge, our team will develop a Continuous Improvement framework including the required documents such as policies, manuals, procedures, registers, forms, etc., to meet the documentation requirements of ISO 18404 standard regarding team competency, organisational strategy and architecture, and resource management.

Training Planning and Delivery

We will develop a training program based on the existing gaps and required competencies for Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma in compliance with various bodies of knowledge such as ISO 18404, International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), the council for Six Sigma Certification, etc. We can also deliver the training courses to your team in an In-house setting.

Implementation Supervision

Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches will supervise the establishment and implementation of your process improvement framework, review the Lean and Six Sigma projects progress and their result, and examine if the completed projects meet the requirements of ISO 18404 standard.

Internal Audit

We will conduct an internal audit on the established and implemented process improvement framework against the requirements of the ISO 18404 standard. We use our exclusive internal audit tool and provide you with an extensive audit report, including the nonconformities, compliance score and visual analysis of your current state to help you get ready for an external audit (if required).

Attending External Audit

You can apply for an external audit and achieve an ISO 18404 certificate. This certificate indicates that your process improvement framework complies with the requirements of the ISO18404 standard. At CBIS, we can offer this service as well if you require it.

Our Consulting and Coaching Approach Business Improvement Projects
Our Consulting and Coaching Approach
Business Improvement Projects


Firstly, review the critical business issues with the organisation's management team, conduct the initial root cause analysis and identify the key focus areas.



Conduct an organisation health check and gap analysis, with the reference to the identified focus areas.



Review the outcomes with the management team, define the project objectives and prioritise them based on the organisation's Critical Success Factors (CSF).



Establish a project steering committee, define the project scope, team, timeline, required resources, etc. (establish a Project Charter).



Design customised training programs based on the project objectives, project scope and project team (target audience).



Deliver the planned workplace training and coordinate the project teams within different functions and across different levels, within the project.



Implement a project pilot (subject to scope and size) and continuously supervise the project and coach the team to achieve the project's objectives.



Review the project status across time, scope, costs, resources, etc. (based on ISO 10006 standards) and report to the organisation regularly.



Conduct a Post Implementation Review of the outcomes compared to the project objectives and evaluate the project's achievements.



Define any further post project actions required to achieve the deliverables. Close the project and celebrate the achievements.

Benefits With US Why Choose CBIS?
Accredited Training Provider
Accredited Training Provider

CBIS is a leading Lean and Six Sigma training, consulting and coaching service provider who is accredited by the most credible Lean and Six Sigma accreditation bodies.

Internationally Recognised Certification
Internationally Recognised Certification

CBIS, as an accredited training service organisation, offers various Lean and Six Sigma training with internationally recognised certification.

Tailored Solutions
Tailored Solutions

Our tailored business solutions are applicable across a diverse range of organisations, regardless of their size and complexity, industry sector, or the number of employees.

Lean and Agile
Lean and Agile

Our flat company structure makes us Lean and agile enough with the least bureaucracy and the quickest reaction to your needs and expectations to deliver the result in the shortest timeframe and easiest way.

Experience and Knowledge
Experience and Knowledge

With a combined total of more than 300 years of experience, our team members possess extensive knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma as Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and specific knowledge of the industries we serve.

Various Industries
Various Industries

CBIS is uniquely positioned to assist organisations across a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, servicing, mining, energy, construction, transportation, and healthcare sectors.


At CBIS, we aim to make a demonstrable difference to our client’s business. We have an enviable track record of achievement and know what works in the industry and, more importantly, why it works.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide our customers with excellent services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model that meets our customer’s needs and expectations and even goes beyond their expectations.


We strive to provide our customers with excellent services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model that meets our customer’s needs and even goes beyond their expectations.

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