Comprehensive Tailored Improvement Solutions
Comprehensive Tailored Improvement Solutions

Comprehensive Tailored Improvement Solutions for your Business

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We will improve your business processes
We will improve your business processes

We will improve your business processes to allow you to deliver more, with less

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We will ensure that your management systems meet the most stringent accreditation standards

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We will provide your people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver the results you want

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Business Improvement

At CBIS, we believe that our point of difference is that we focus on the most critical business problems facing your organization. We train, coach and mentor your team and help them to utilise cutting edge problem solving methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma.


At CBIS, our highly experienced consulting team within the management systems division specialises in helping our clients to establish, implement and maintain an array of management systems to ensure that your organization improves both its efficiency and its effectiveness.


At CBIS, we have a team of talented educators, from both academic and professional backgrounds, who conduct our training. We provide a wide range of training courses tailored for different industries.

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Arash provided a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the principles, ideologies and methodologies used in Lean Six Sigma. He was knowledgeable, engaged and showed patience in explaining these principles to the group. The course was a great introduction into Lean Six Sigma and has enticed me to further my learning for this subject. I would highly recommend Arash as a teacher of this subject with his skill, passion and knowledge for this subject being world class. I look forward to developing my skills to higher levels of Six Sigma in the future with Arash.

Tristan Collet 

Regional Components Maintenance Manager at Qantas Airways

July 10, 2016

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About Us

CBIS (Comprehensive Business Improvement Solutions), is a boutique training and consulting firm that works collaboratively with business owners and line managers to achieve compliance and excellence by drawing on cross-disciplinary expertise in business improvement (Lean & Six Sigma) and management systems (ISO Standards). We are experts in Lean Six Sigma Training & Consulting and have worked extensively on a range of business efficiency issues.

Our success results from our truly collaborative approach, our eye for detail, client focus and diverse knowledge and expertise. We are highly passionate and committed to achieving results, and are conscious of minimising business disruption. We treat your business as if it was our own.


  • CBIS tailored business training solutions are applicable across a diverse range of organizations.
  • CBIS is uniquely positioned to assist business having previously consulted to a number of organizations across a wide range of sectors including, the manufacturing, servicing, mining, energy, construction, transportation and healthcare sectors.
  • We have an enviable track record of achievement and know what works in industry and more importantly, why it works.
  • Our team specialise in helping organizations to improve their bottom line with the minimum of business disruption.
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of Six Sigma and Lean Management training has helped hundreds of businesses become more efficient.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a leading business consulting practice that helps businesses achieve compliance and excellence, with a track record of getting results.

Our Values

  • Structured and methodical
  • Disciplined attention to detail
  • Depth of insight
  • Thought leadership
  • Client intimacy
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Integrity

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