Project Management


At CBIS we provide comprehensive project management services and assume full responsibility for developing a fully integrated project schedule for your business. We will also manage any dependencies or interfaces and control the overall project progress. We will identify the project activities, monitor and report on the project progress via a series of schedules, bar charts, progress curves and histograms. We will use these tools to ensure prompt identification of any emerging problem areas. Should any problem areas emerge during the project we will implement any agreed remedial action to recover time delays.

In addition, we also offers a comprehensive suite of project management training courses which are delivered by PMP and PRINCE2 recognized trainers. All of our training resources are well-qualified and have practical experience in the field. Our training courses incorporate all aspects of Project Management as well as the use of any related software.

Our project management services include:

Scope Management Service

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) component of the Project planning phase provides the capability to subdivide the scope into manageable activities and to assign responsibilities to deliver the Project scope. This structure becomes the guideline for the scheduling, budgeting and control of the Project. CBIS develops a unique Work Breakdown Structure for each project with the definition of the Work Breakdown Structure is recorded at all levels.

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Scheduling Management Service

CBIS develops and maintains an “Overall Integrated Project Schedule” (OIPS) in line with the Work Breakdown Structure. The OIPS covers all of the subcontractor scope activities and identifies all of the major dependencies between the activities of the different parties involved in the project. While current and interface activities are more detailed in the OIPS, the OIPS is initially developed using software (e.g. MS Project, Primavera (P3, P6)).

As part of our service, the OIPS target (Time baseline) schedule is fully maintained and the OIPS is updated at the end of each monitoring period (Monthly for long-term projects, bi-weekly or weekly for short-term projects). The updated OPIS schedule reflects detailed updates from any sub-contractors or related parties. The critical path is identified and reviewed using the Critical Path Method (CPM). The impact of any delays to the major milestones are analysed and reported along with the recommended corrective actions.

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Budgeting / Cost Management Service

Developing project budget estimates is a key element of good project management. It involves determining the dollar amount necessary to sustain a project and the disciplines needed to contain costs within budget constraints. Effective cost control is one of the key aspects of running an effective, professional project.

At CBIS, managing any potential cost overruns requires our project managers to monitor and track project management processes and procedures, identifying emerging issues and developing solutions in a timely manner to keep costs within budget limits.

CBIS will estimate costs in consultation with the project team for all phases of a project based on WBS. Our team will do this by using:

  • Bottom-up estimating
  • Analogous estimating
  • Parametric estimating and three-point estimating tools.

CBIS provides a project cost base line (Cash Flow) based on project budget estimates and time baselines.

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Project Control Management Service

During our review of the project work (engineering, procurement, supply of material, construction works, commissioning etc.) CBIS will develop, maintain and update a computerised physical progress control system with the intent of reviewing all sub-contractor progress reports. This will highlight any main schedule-related issues which will be reflected in the OIPS and other reports.

CBIS provides several databases for registration of all project events during the execution phase in order to improve our client’s “organizational process assets” and to develop a “lesson learned log” for future reference. These data bases include, but are not limited to:

  • Elapsed (Actual) time for each activity
  • Equipment used in the day
  • Manpower used in the day
  • Material consumption
  • Subcontractor’s invoices
  • Subcontractor’s daily reports

CBIS provides progress report based on actual time and cost as well as other “Project Progress Measurement Procedures”.

The progress reports include, but are not limited:

  • S-Curve (Time). This displays early baseline, late base line and actual time schedule
  • S-Curve (Cost). This displays cost baseline and actual cost
  • Expected project completion time
  • Forecasting budget at completion

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Change Management and Claims Service

CBIS records all change requests in collaboration with the project team. This will allow for the change proposal to be scoped and any time/cost impacts to be evaluated and priced. We will also implement any approved change orders as part of the Perform Integrated Change Control process.

CBIS collaborates fully with the project team on data collection, any potential or real scope creep (additional work) and the impacts resulting from any clients failing to perform their obligations.

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Project Document Control Services

Considering the large quantities of plans, drawings, documents and correspondence which occur during a project, CBIS will develop a concentrated system for the project’s Document Control Center (DCC). This DCC will administer any technical information including, but not limited to:/

  • Drawings
  • Specification
  • Classification society reports and certificates and
  • Test reports etc.

All of these documents will enrich a project’s archive but will also facilitate the ease of document transfers and provide a disciplined tracking control facility.

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Project Control Expert Resourcing service

Managing and controlling a project to deliver the required outcome is a specialist skill. Many projects fail because a professional project management resource was not engaged to run the project. Even seemingly small projects may cause problems within an organisation when the required skill set is not present. This lack of skills can be further evident within large projects when the cost outlay and business benefit is higher. Employing a professional project management resource with the relevant skills experience and software, is a problem for many businesses. They may not have the ability to have a professional project management resource on staff.

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At CBIS we provide a range of project management support services including:

  • Establishment of a project business case and project definition
  • Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Establishment of the initial project Gantt charts
  • regular project progress reporting (i.e. Time, cost, budget against the business case),
  • Facilitating project control meetings.
  • Analysis of actual outcomes v expected or forecast outcomes, related to project time and cost

We can provide your business with either part time or full time project management experts, Australia wide. We can support you with all of your projects (either short term or long term) on a fully outsourced fully costed basis so that you know what this will cost before you begin. 

Please contact us for more information on the CBIS difference or how you can implement the CBIS advantage in your organization.